The Leabrook Farms Story

Leabrook Farms

Established in 1991, in the leafy eastern Adelaide suburb of Leabrook, Leabrook Farms brings authentic, honest and admired food to your table.


Leabrook Farms strives to be more than just your everyday brand. We believe in heightening the senses and changing meal time from average to awesome. To bring food to life not just for your family and friends, but every night of the week.


After all don’t we… don’t YOU deserve it!


It’s your authentic Spanish slow cooked Wednesday night meal that means you can have fancy leftovers on Thursday at work. It’s your “I really need to reduce sugar from my diet” but a little bit of Australian honey won’t hurt. Best of all it’s your impromptu Friday girls night “lucky I have those olives” in the fridge.


Leabrook Farms is the brand that is here for you! We understand the pressure you’re under to continually be creative and ahead of the curve. We know that once 5 o’clock hits you’re looking for something quick, easy and delicious


So please, enjoy our range because treating yourself is now not just a sometimes thing!