Your Entertainers

Australian Dill Cucumbers

With the authentic flavour of dill, these traditional unsweetened cucumbers are sliced and ready to eat.  Whether on a burger or in a sandwich, these dill cucumbers will liven up your favourite snack. 

Australian Kalamata Olives

Whole, pitted and ready to use these delicious Kalamata olives will add a burst of flavour to your favourite Mediterranean dishes.   

Australian Garlic Infused Capsicum

Sitting in a perfectly balanced blend of garlic, herbs and peppercorns, these sliced red capsicums will add a burst of colour and flavour to your sandwiches, salads or pizza.  However you enjoy them, these capsicums are a great way to liven up your favourite dish. 

Australian Carrots with Apple Cider Vinegar and Honey

Perfectly sweeten with apple cider vinegar and Leabrook Farms Honey these carrot batons will add vibrancy to your entertaining platter or summer salad.